In The End

In the end what will you choose:
Science or nature?
Smiling or frowning?

What is more important to you:
Living or dying?
Running in or running out?
Crying or holding everything in?
Jesus or yourself?
Your life or someone else’s?
The words or what you choose to make of them?
Today, tomorrow, or yesterday?
What you say, or what you mean?
What you see or what you don’t?
Doubting or trusting?

In the end what will matter:
What’s on TV or what’s in your heart?
What’s on your mind or what you’re told to think?
Finding your place in this world or being told your place?
the things you’re told or what you know in your heart that’s true?
How you tired or how it didn’t work out?
The first day or the last?
Why or how something happened?

What matters:
The way to flower smells or the way it looks?
Going in blind or knowing everything?
Understanding what this means or thinking about it?
Doing what’s right or having fun?
Knowing why or just why not?
What we do or why we do it?
Are there answers or just more questions?


Stumbling Blocks

Lost, scared, confused.
I’m lost in classes,
I’m scared about the future, 
I’m confused about activities. 
My confidence is shattered, 
My hearts is broken. 
I want to give up…
But there are so many people looking.
I’m scared of failing.
All those things I’ve worked for-
They don’t seem worth it.
Being lost, scared, confused…
They’re stumbling blocks for me, 
Stumbling blocks for many.

Today is a new day.
I broke down,
I prayed, 
I’m still struggling
But today is a new hope.
New opportunities to grow.
They day brings back loving smiles.
The struggles don’t disappear, 
You just think of them differently.
You can’t hide form them, 
You just have to reflect, 
Learn how to grow, 
TRUST in the Lord,
TRUST those around you, 
LISTEN to them. 
LET them help you.

Everyone is lost, scared, confused at times.
Keep your hopes up. 
Remember that it is OK to break down, 
As long as you work through it.
Don’t ever give up! 
There’s always someone, somewhere who believes in you, 
COUNTS on you, 
And LOVES you! 

Work past the stumbling blocks, 
They aren’t You. 
YOU are the believer,
YOU and God work together, 
That is something that can never be taken away from you.


One Step At A Time

One step now, one tiny step at a time
Day by day, week by week
You will come through wait and see with one step at a time.
It may be hard,
But you are stronger than you know
One step now, one tiny step at a time
Day by day, week by week
You will come through
Wait and see with one step at a time
The nights may seem long
It may be hard, but no one has left
And you are stronger than you know
One step now, just one more tiny step
Day by day, week by week
You have made it through the end.
I told you, you were stronger than you knew